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Using the free Skype computer program for video calls, you can have online Norwegian courses and lessons wherever you are staying, anywhere in the world.


Like with all Norwegian private classes, these private Skype classes can be much faster than group classes. Or you can decide to go slow and take advantage of the personal follow-up that private classes give you to learn deeply and thoroughly.


You can choose to follow the official Norwegian curriculum levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and so on), or focus on a particular theme such as business Norwegian or preparing for the Norwegian exams Norskprøven and Bergenstesten.


Private classes also mean that you will be taught at a time that suits you best (as long as the teacher is free at that time).

Using Skype is easy. If you haven't used Skype before,  let us know and we will give you simple step-by-step instructions.

There are two price segments for Skype classes:

Skype classes for 1 person: 400 kroner per hour
Skype classes for 2 people: 200 kroner per person per hour
Skype classes for 3 people: 150 kroner per person per hour
Please note that we cannot help with finding people that want to take Skype Norwegian classes together. The students need to be sitting beside each other, visible for the web camera and able to see the Norwegian teacher video feed.


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