Supercharge your learning with private classes

Our private classes in Norwegian in Oslo are very effective, and you get even more personal follow-up than in a group class. Private classes are all about you!


You can take private classes that follow our group class curriculum levels (A1-1, A1-2, A2, B1, and so on), or take classes in special subjects such as preparing for a job interview, preparing for Norwegian exams such as the Norskprøve and Bergenstest, or improving your speech, understanding, vocabulary and grammar.


Your progress in private classes can be much faster than with group classes. Or you can decide to go slow and take advantage of the personal follow-up that private classes give you to learn deeply and thoroughly.


Private classes also mean that you will be taught at a time that suits you best (as long as the teacher is free at that time).

There are three price segments for private classes:

Private classes for 1 person: NOK 699,- per hour
Private classes for 2 people: NOK 399.- per person per hour
Private classes for 3 people: NOK 299.- per person per hour

Please note that we cannot help with finding people that want to take private classes together.

Our teacher is just doing a great job. She lets us read, write and teaches us how to pronounce some difficult words, so she supports us all the way. And that’s what we actually need.
Rana Soliman

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