The Norwegian Level B1-2 course continues where Level B1-1 finished. Level B1-2 covers chapters 6 to 10 in the curriculum book “Stein på stein” (2014 edition). It is the second of three intermediate levels.

Level B1-2 focuses on developing your grammar skills to a practical level, increasing vocabulary further, and will among other things make it easier for you to have conversations with more complex sentence structures.


  • Weekday courses last for ten sessions during five weeks. Weekend courses last for six sessions during six weeks.
  • The sessions are held on two weekday mornings, evenings or Saturdays every week.
  • Each course last for 36 lesson hours.
  • Price: NOK 2990,-


* Bygdøy allé 68 (Morning courses).
* Pilestredet 75C (Evening and Weekend courses).
Price: 2.990,-

Weekday Courses

Start – End Days & Time Sign up
27-08-2019    27-09-2019    Tue, Fri 09:30 – 12:10 Sign up
24-09-2019    24-10-2019    Tue, Thu 17:30 – 20:10 Sign up
29-10-2019    28-11-2019    Tue, Thu 17:15 – 20:40 Sign up

Level B1-2 Weekday Courses

We do not have B1-2 courses at the moment.

stein på stein bokYou need to buy the books “Stein på stein: tekstbok” and “Stein på stein: arbeidsbok” (2014 editions). You will find both books in Norwegian bookstores, online bookstores and libraries (the libraries often have waiting lists for the "Stein på stein" books, so we advise you to apply there early).

The "Stein på stein" curriculum book is based on the official Læreplan i norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne innvandrere ("Teaching Plan in Norwegian and Societal Knowledge for Adult Immigrants"). This ensures that what you learn adheres to official requirements. It also means that you will be learning useful and interesting things about Norway while you learn Norwegian.


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