Norwegian Level A1-2 continues where Level A1-1 finished off and covers chapters 6 to 10 in the curriculum book “På vei” (2012 edition).

The course content of Level A1-2 is focused on both present and past tense, teaches you more words and ways of expressing yourself, and strengthens your grammatical knowledge further.

Course details

  • This course lasts 8 sessions in 4 weeks. (36 lesson hours)
  • The sessions are held on two weekday evenings, every week.
  • One lesson hour lasts 45 minutes. A session lasts 4.5 lesson hours.
  • Price: NOK 2990,-



You need to buy the books “På vei: tekstbok” and “På vei: arbeidsbok” (2012 editions). You will find both books in Norwegian bookstores, online bookstores and libraries (the libraries often have waiting lists for the "På vei" books, so we advise you to apply there early).

The "På vei" curriculum book is based on the official Læreplan i norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne innvandrere ("Teaching Plan in Norwegian and Societal Knowledge for Adult Immigrants"). This ensures that what you learn adheres to official requirements. It also means that you will be learning useful and interesting things about Norway while you learn Norwegian.

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