Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I sign up and get started? Just click here to register with the course you want to take. Soon you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration (make sure you register with your correct e-mail address). The registration is binding (see cancellation guidelines further down on this page if you need to cancel).
    If you chose to pay by invoice, we will send you an invoice. Pay the invoice by the payment deadline, which will always be before the course starts. If you do not pay after selecting to pay with credit card (for instance because your card is not compatible), an invoice will be sent automatically.
    Buy the correct curriculum books for your level (see information about this on the course page for your level) and come to the classes!
  2. Where do I find the Norwegian curriculum books that are used in Language Champ classes? You need to buy the correct curriculum books for your Norwegian course level. See the Norwegian course description pages for information about these books. You will find the books in Norwegian bookstores, online bookstores and libraries (the libraries often have waiting lists, so we advise you to apply there early). For instance, there is a book store on one of the higher floors of the Oslo City shopping centre.
  3. What will my Norwegian level be after taking these classes? You get information about this in the description for each course.
  4. Do you offer private classes? Yes we do, and they are a great way to speed up your learning. Click here to read about our private classes and to sign up.
  5. Do your Norwegian courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)? Yes, they do. In fact, our curriculum books are based on CEFR.


General rules

  1. Try not to be late as this can disturb the class.
  2. Switch off the sound on your mobile phone and other electronic equipment during class.
  3. You must buy the curriculum books and bring them along to class. The curriculum books can be purchased in bookshops, bought second hand on for instance Facebook, or borrowed at the library.
  4. The school maintains the right to postpone or cancel a course (for instance if we have to few signups, or if the teacher is sick and we have not been able to get a replacement teacher). When a course is postponed or cancelled, you can choose between cancelling (with a full refund if you have paid), joining the postponed course, or changing to another course free of charge.
  5. Some days after the end of your course you will receive the official Language Champ course diploma for attending your class, if you have attended a minimum of 80% of the course classes. If you are absent more than 20% of the classes, you may still get a diploma if you have e-mailed us a signed doctor’s note or similar confirming a valid reason for your absence. You receive the diploma via e-mail. If you want a paper version, we can send you one for a production and service charge of 70,- NOK. To order a paper diploma, send us a message.


Registration and payment

  1. When Language Champ has received a student’s course registration via one of the registration forms on the website, the registration is considered binding. In addition, students must pay for the course before they can attend class.
  2. Not long after the course registration is confirmed, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the email address that the student registered when signing up.
  3. If you wish to pay by card, you will pay immediately after filling out the signup form. A payment window/tab will open where you fill in your card information. If you do not pay after selecting to pay with credit card (for instance because your card is not compatible), an invoice will be sent automatically.
  4. If you wish to pay by invoice (and not by bank card), the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address registered when signing up. The invoice for the course can be paid at a post office or bank, or by using an online bank account (called a ‘nettbank’ in Norwegian).
  5. For all courses the total amount to be paid for the course must be paid by the deadline that is written on the invoice, which will at the latest be two days before the course starts. For students that sign up later than two days before the course starts, they have to pay before the course starts.
  6. If a payment is not carried out by the payment deadline written in the invoice, the student will receive a reminder by mail. If the payment is still not carried out after the reminder, the student will receive a debt collection notice (known as ‘inkasso’ in Norwegian) as per Norwegian law. The debt will be registered and a fine will be sent.



  1. As an alternative to cancelling a course, you may change to a different course for a 100 NOK transfer fee. Contact us to arrange this.
  2. As described in Norwegian law (‘angrerettloven’), a registered student has the ability to cancel the course registration under certain circumstances.
  3. A course registration cancellation will be accepted by Language Champ when a cancellation e-mail is sent to us at before the relevant deadline for cancellations.
  4. A student that sends a course cancellation will receive a full refund when Language Champ receives the cancellation e-mail at the latest 14 days after the student has signed up.
  5. If the student cancels between 14 and 8 days before the course begins, the student must pay 50% of the course price.
  6. If the student cancels 7 or less days before the course starts, the full course price must be paid.
  7. A student that cancels after the course has started will have to pay the full course price.
  8. For private classes the cancellation deadline is 14 days after the student has registered, unless an earlier date for the first lesson has been agreed. If an earlier date has been agreed for the first lesson, 24 hours before the first lesson is the cancellation deadline. If a student needs to cancel an individual lesson, 24 hours before that lesson is the cancellation deadline.
  9. For the 10% Discount A-level Package Deal, the cancellation deadline is 14 days after the student has registered if the student has not told us the dates of their first course yet. If a date for the first course has already been agreed, the cancellation deadline is the day before the first day of that course. The package deal cannot be cancelled on or later than the first day of the first course.
  10. A student that e-mails us a valid, signed doctor’s note for long term illness can cancel a course or parts of a course at any time. We may contact the doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

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